When I first told her about the fetish Gia actually started practicing with balloons in her own home. Because of this love Gia is always asking to do more videos with balloons and inflatables. One of my favorite memories with Gia is doing a B2P with a big red balloon outside. She blew up her balloon to burst and I was still going with my balloon, she then dug her really sharp nails into my balloon. The people watching us were all staring but we didn't care as we love to pop balloons together.

I also remember popping a bathtub filled with balloons with her, destroying numerous inflatables and riding balloons and inflatables together. Her favorite way to pop balloons is with really long sharp nails and she loves to destroy inflatables with her heels.

Updates with GIA

Alissa and gia inflates and pops 0
2020-07-10Alissa and GIA8:34 minutesBalloon

Alissa and gia inflates and pops